Why choose School WebServices?

"10 years + experience of designing school websites"

We understand that your website isn't just a marketing tool; it can be an information hub that allows the school and the local community it serves to interact and communicate efficiently and effectively.

We have a strong background in using IT to help schools and other organisations.

We provide the following:

  • Accessible websites that comply with disability legislation
  • Website redesign and maintenance  We are able to offer a high level of support by phone and email, or on-site visits as required.
  • Content management. The Cornish CMS is very easy to use and enables non IT staff to keep the website up to date.
  • Virtual Learning Environments.  The Cornish VLE is a dedicated primary school VLE for homework
  • Multilingual Websites. We have provided websites in a range of different languages as diverse as Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

Homework management for Schools

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