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Redesign of Wyndham Park

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Cornish WebServices designed a new website for Wyndham Park Infants' School. They wanted an accessible design that was full of information but was also visually appealing. Cornish produced a user-friendly site, incorporating a revolving Flash header and navigable menus.

Wyndham Park School uses a Robin as a logo and other birds, such as a Kingfisher and an Owl, for its class names. With this in mind Cornish incorporated the relevant bird images around the edge of the website. This adds a fun, pictorial element that makes the website interesting and visually appealing to the visitor.

Cornish WebServices also re-designed the school's logo. We took the original Robin design and improved it, giving it a new look without steering away too much from the original design. The result is a modernised logo that is well designed and an instantly recognisable visual symbol for Wyndham Park Infants' School.


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